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"Five small noodles, on my noodle plate..."
 "Noodles" is an interactive new activity I started with my language support and kindergarten life skills students.  This finger play is from the Dr. Jean site, which I have sucessfully utilized for quite a while, ever since my first "Tooty Ta" as a kindergarten classroom teacher back in 2003-2005!

To prepare, I cut five holes in foam plates for the entire class. Be sure to measure the placement with one of your student's actual hands, because if you go by your own adult-sized hand, they may not fit the children's small hands!

With my language support and life skills students, who need extra speech practice, this is an echo rhyme that they repeat back to me:

One small noodle on my noodle plate.
(Poke one finger up through the plate. Point to it with your other pointer finger.)

Salt and pepper, tastes just great.
(Pretend to shake salt and pepper above the plate.)

Mom’s going to the store.

Mom, mom, get some more!

(Add the fingers to the plate one at a time.)

Five small noodles on my noodle plate.

Salt and pepper, tastes just great.

Mom, mom, I am stuffed.

I think that I have had enough!

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