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What are your thoughts and experiences about inclusive education?

Inclusion is a part of my work each day.  Language support, autistic support, and life skills support are all included with their typically developing peers in my schools.  This is a valuable part of their day, as in their post-graduate future, they will be spending most of their time in the mainstream.  It gives them good practice with the typical population, while enjoying a subject that they enjoy: music. 

If possible, I also make a point to block a time period in the week for the special education students to come back to music on their own to review skills learned in the mainstream.  Many times they will be too inhibited in the inclusion class to try a new skill on their own, but they are eager and willing to try a new musical skill in the comfort of their own small class. 
For more thoughts on inclusion, see here, here, and also here.

What are your experiences with inclusion in music? What benefits do you believe inclusion holds for all students?

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