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"What's Gonna Work?" TEAMWORK!!*

*Gold star and a high-five to the first commenter who knows where that title comes from!  And apologies to everyone who now has that song stuck in their head for the next few hours...

What are your thoughts and experiences about teamwork among educators?

Teamwork is essential to the educational process.  If we are not displaying the willingness to work as a team with our fellow educators, how can we foster the ability in our students?  We must demonstrate that teamwork is an important skill for our student’s future.  Teamwork is one of many areas that we must model the behavior we want to see in our students.

Teamwork within my discipline, and also teamwork to make connections to other curricular areas is essential in my work.  I enjoy working together with my current colleagues, and also look forward to working as a cohesive team with new colleagues, so that I can make new connections and learn new skills.

In an interview situation, it would be a good idea to include ways that you could include and encourage reluctant colleagues to form a team for a common goal.  How would you answer this question in an interview situation?


  1. Wonder Pets Wonder Pets, We're on the way...

  2. Wonder Pets is where the title comes from!