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Asking Your Own Questions at the Interview

Oh, yeah, that is a picture of your brain on overload as you prepare for an interview!  There is so much to cram into your mind and we just PRAY that it all comes out coherently...interviews are truly a challenge. The education field right now in this tough economy is rougher than ever to land a job in...and that simple fact only adds more pressure to the interview situation!

So, usually at the end of the interview, the team will ask the candidate if they have any questions to ask.  This might be a time when you draw a blank or perhaps let your guard down because the end of the interview is near.  Maybe the only question floating around in your head is "When do I start??!! I've got student loans to pay, you know!!!" It is good to prepare some questions ahead of time so that you are thoughtfully prepared for this portion of the interview.

Here are some ideas to get you started. You may inquire about:
  •  Professional development opportunities for the teachers of the district and support/ mentoring provided for new teachers.
  • The leadership styles of principals and superintendents.
  • Strengths of the district in general, and the music program in particular.
  • Involvement of parents in the area, and any boosters or parent groups already in place.  
  • Opportunities for team teaching, team planning, or other collaborative efforts.
  • Extracurricular assignments which may be available for teachers.
  • Any new programs or innovations unique to the district that may have caught your interest while perusing the school website.
  • Models of special education utilized in the district.

This is a reminder to those of us in a specialized field such as music that we should be prepared to show our specialty at a moment's notice (but not to make our singing a threat!). Once, I really was asked to sing at an interview, and it took me by suprise! Luckily, I quickly recalled a song that reinforced a math concept, and not only sang it for the interview panel, but then explained how the song tied into a children's literature book as well as reinforced counting skills.  Lesson an interview, be ready for anything!!

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