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5 Songs for 7 Continents

Recently, a third grade teacher colleague asked me for any ideas on musical activities to reinforce her student's learning the seven continents.  Always, I tell my students that being smart isn't necessarily knowing everything, it's knowing where to find it.  Easily, I found these useful possibilities on, emailed them to her, and felt like a hero...I heart the information age!

(Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Let's name all of the continents.

There are 7 on earth.

There's Europe and

Asia and Australia,

North and South America.

Now don't forget about Africa

And Antarctica, too.

For there's 1...2...3,4,5,6,7 continents!

(Pop Goes the Weasel)

Asia, Africa, Antarctica

Australia, Europe, too

North America

South America

Seven continents for you!

(Love and Marriage)

North America, South America (clap)

Europe, Asia, and Africa,

Don't forget Antarctica,

Or way down under in Australia.

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

Indian, Arctic they're all oceans.

North Pole, South Pole, Equator

I know all about maps and globes.

(Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

To learn the seven continents

Think of the letter A,

And when you're down to only one

An E will save the day.

There's Africa, Antarctica,

Australia, Asia, too;

The oceans run between them

With their waters deep and blue.

There are also two Americas--

North and South, you see.

Now we're coming to the end.

Europe starts with E!

(Three Blind Mice)

Continents, continents,

There are seven.

There are seven.

North America, South America,

Antarctica and Australia,

Asia and Africa,

And Europe too.

That's all seven,

That's all seven.


  1. helps me teach my students to sing and study together thanks alot

  2. I love these songs and can you make some more? These are great for kids!!!!!!!!

  3. Below is a link to a continents and oceans music video by Josh Fritts the EDROCKER