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Calm? Check. Thoughtful? Check. Caring? Check....

Recently, I was attending one of our district's mentoring meetings on the topic of Parent-Teacher Relations.  The speaker referenced the book, How to Deal with Parents who are Angry, Troubled, Afraid, and Just Plain Crazy by Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins.  There were many useful solutions and suggestions just in the presentation, I'd like to delve into this book myself in the near future.  However, I'd like to share this quote from the presentation that struck me as particularly appropriate to my Jedi-Teacher theme:

"As professionals, it is our responsibility to be calm, thoughtful, caring, intelligent, articulate, direct and honest at all times and in all situations."

Aren't your own most memorable teachers the ones who fit this description?  And how about your co-workers...don't you enjoy these qualities in your colleagues as well?  I think I'm going to make myself a check-list and  assess myself on these seven characteristics as I'm walking out to my car after each school day..

Today, was I...
  • calm?
  • thoughtful?
  • caring?
  • intelligent?
  • articulate?
  • direct?
  • honest?
If I can't honestly place a check beside each of these, I need to return ready to improve for the next day!

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