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More Differentiated Instruction for "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie"

Check out this Old Lady!

A colleague allowed me to borrow her "Old Lady" story apron, and was it ever a big hit!

The apron is made by Lakeshore Learning Materials. Unfortunately, I did not find this item on their current website...I believe it is an older item from that company.

Here are the items that the children happily stuffed into the Lady's ever-willing mouth:

This time, I tried a new version of the holiday flip book; I used the binding combs instead of the binder rings.  Here are the "Flip Book" booklets for the song:

There was an old lady who swallowed a pie,
A Thanksgiving pie, that was really too dry...

Here are the "Story Song" accordion-style fold-outs to follow along:

Here are the pictures for the board for a student volunteer to point to as we sing the song:

For extra fun, one of my students was happy to dress up as the "Old Lady":

She collected cards from the students showing pie, cider, roll, turkey, etc. as we sang each verse.

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