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Marvelous Music Makers for Music Ed: "Disney Halloween Songs & Sounds"

Happy Halloween!! This album has been with me for many Halloweens...and my very youngest students really enjoy the music! Some of the musical concepts that are reinforced by this resource are steady beat, group choreography, creative movement, identifying verse and refrain, vocal timbres, and vocal exploration

Some of my favorites include:
  • The Werewolf Song
  • Shake Your Bones
  • Which Witch is Which?
  • They Don't Scare Me
Here are the activities we use for these songs:

The Werewolf Song incorporates group choreography, identifying verse and refrain, and vocal exploration.

Group Choreography for The Werewolf Song: (refrain)
  • "Here's the deal" Right hand out, palm up
  • "Now here's the scoop" Left hand out, palm up
  • "Come and join our werewolf group" Both hands beckoning towards self
  • "Brush your fangs" Brush teeth
  • "And comb your face" Pretend to comb your fur on your face!
  • "We're gonna bark and howl all over the place!" Bounce in place as you pat the rhythm of the words on your lap, and then let loose your best werewolf howl!

Shake Your Bones incorporates creative movement and identification of verse and refrain.
  • Students pretend that they are skeletons in hiding on the verses.
  • On the refrain ("Shake your bones" is the key phrase), students come out of hiding and dance like skeletons with creative movements.
  • Students go back into hiding for the verse, and wait again to dance on the refrain.

Which Witch is Which? incorporates steady beat practice, vocal timbres, and vocal exploration.
  • We identify the timbres of the witches' voices and imitate them.
  • We tiptoe to the steady beat of the song.
They Don't Scare Me incorporates steady beat practice, vocal timbres, and vocal exploration.
  • The solo singers in the song are Disney characters such as Mickey and Goofy. Students identify the vocal timbres of each character.
  • Students practice moving to the steady beat in the song.

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