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How are my grades? (Update 2)

Even though my current student teacher has now taken over the day-to-day lesson planning and instruction, I still allow my students in my new school to Grade the Teacher (me, that is) on how well I am learning their names.

At the beginning of the class, I give one student the job of tallying my mistakes (if any) and writing my score on the board. This generates a lot of interest on the part of the students! It also helps me to review, and assists my student teacher in learning the student's names as well.  Here are my grades so far:

Thursday, September 29: (My helps this week: none! I was working from memory alone.)

6th grade, section 3: 20/21=95%

5th grade, section 2: 21/22=95%

5th grade, section 1: 21/22=95%

1st grade, section 1: 19/20=95%

3rd grade, section 3: 15/16=94%

1st grade, section 2: 17/20=85%

2nd grade, section 1: 13/18=72%

(So as you can see, by the end of the day, I was slipping up! Gotta keep working at it...)

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