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Children's Literature for Music Ed: "Skeleton Hiccups"

Do your 5 and 6-year-old students have a difficult time with the concept of "rest" in music?  Of course, with an age group that is usually very active, "rest"ing is a difficult skill!  Try using "Skeleton Hiccups" by Margery Cuyler as an extension at the end of a lesson on quarter rests. In the story, Skeleton has a pesky case of the hiccups, which he finally "scares" away.  Can you guess how? 

He looks in the mirror and sees himself...soooo scary! (and perfect for the Halloween season!)

  • Review your classroom rules for using rhythm sticks safely.

  • Before reading the story, have the students learn the simple rhythm of the Skeleton's hiccups. They will play this rhythm on their rhythm sticks.

  • Depending on the size of your class, and the behavior you can usually expect from your group, you may want to divide the students into small groups for playing the rhythm, instead of having all students play.

  • Once the students are secure in playing the rhythm, they will play it after each page that you read.  You should speak the "hic" with each click of the rhythm sticks.

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