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How are my grades? (Update 5)

I am continuing to allow my new students to Grade the Teacher. At the beginning of the class, I give one student the job of tallying my mistakes (and I've been making plenty!) and writing my score on the board. This generates a lot of interest on the part of the students! Here are my grades:

Monday, October 10: (My helps this week: I could ask the students for the first letter of their name for a hint as needed.)

6th grade, section 3: 20/23=87%

5th grade, section 2: 15/20=75%

6th grade, section 2: 19/20=95%

3rd grade, section 3: 14/17=82%

2nd grade, section 1: 16/22=73%

3rd grade, section 2: 10/17=59%

1st grade, section 3: 18/20=90%

2nd grade, section 3:17/21=81%

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