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Worthy Website for Music Ed: Noteflight


Noteflight is a fantastic resource for music educators.  Noteflight® is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser. You can work on a score from any computer on the Internet, share with other users, or embed into your own pages. Anyone can sign up for a free account, or purchase a Noteflight Crescendo enhanced membership.  Any of the notation that I've included on my blog to illustrate a rhythm or melody that I use is embedded here from Noteflight.

Back in 1998, I remember struggling mightily with the Finale software at an on-campus computer lab, thinking that I might become the first undergrad to spontaneously combust from sheer frustration with a software program. (Those were the days when I was definitely more "Jar Jar" than Jedi!) While I'm sure that Finale has the bugs worked out of their program these days, I prefer the ease of use with Noteflight, and for all of the purposes I use it for, it is also FREEEE!

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  1. Ooh, I teach music, so I'll have to go check this out! Thanks for stopping by Everyday Gameplan.