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This school year my schedule is especially I bought an extra-big water jug!

I'm noticing some pros and cons already...I like the size (there is so little time for refills with my packed schedule) and it really does keep the water cold all day long, but I need to find a secure place for it in my car so it stops rolling around as I make turns! My next car needs a 52oz. cup holder, I guess...

And no, it's not coffee (as my students think) in my monster mug, (nor any alcoholic beverage, like some of my colleagues may suggest!) it is really for my water that I drink constantly throughout the day.
Drinking lots of water is something I've always done to stay healthy and to hydrate my vocal cords.  Every new music teacher needs to get on board with keeping their hydration adequate.  So, if you are leaving the college world with a Mountain Dew/Coke/Pepsi/coffee/Monster/RockStar  habit, try swapping out a few of those drinks with a big jug of water.  Little by little, you may be able to wean yourself off the caffeine and your body (and teeth!) will thank you for it!*
*OK, those teeth pictures were even sicker than I thought possible! But, if it was enough to shock you into reaching for some ice water instead of "Doin' the Dew", then my mission is complete.

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