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Fabric for Bulletin Board Coverings

(This is a new one I bought for this school year!)
 A few years back, I started using fabric to cover my bulletin boards, and I've been so happy with the results.  Using fabric for bulletin boards beats paper by far because it is:
  • Much easier to hang.
  • Fades less than paper (but also depends on the fabric).
  • Looks more appealing and interesting.
  • More durable than paper (you won't be re-hanging it year after year).
  • Widely available in many musical patterns.

Yes, I know that buying fabric for bulletin boards may go against my efforts to always "make $ense" (or save money).  My school does provide the paper, after all. But, I believe that when you do something very well, you save yourself time in the future because you won't have to re-do it. This is an area where I think that spending the extra money is worth it in the long run.  This will be the seventh year for many of my fabrics, and they still look great...paper I used seven years ago would have been torn down and tossed long ago.

Speaking of bulletin boards, have you checked out  What a great resource for tons of bulletin board ideas to reinforce music!  If you are at a loss for ways to cover your bulletin board space and connect your boards to your curriculum, this is a terrific place to start!

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