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References for "The Music Man"

Our all-school musical this year is the old favorite, "The Music Man".  Like the majority of musicals available and acceptable for performance by school groups, the show is set in the past.  It is filled with references to things unknown to the high school student of today, and also many references were unknown to me as well.
Did you know that a "noggin" is another name for a cup?  Is it good or bad for a man to be referred to as a "masher"?
I set out to collect information on the references by looking for each in an online dictionary, and then copying and pasting definitions for a information sheet to post at rehearsals.  Luckily, after filling two pages tediously in this way, I found "De-FUN-itions for The Music Man"!!!  The site even has the references divided into each act and scene...what a terrific tool! 

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