Jedi Music

A Resource for the Beginning Elementary Music Teacher


Welcome to all who may stop by here!

This is a resource for the pre-service or beginning service elementary music teacher. I have enjoyed mentoring and cooperating with music students, student teachers, and other teachers in my twelve years in the field of education, and my goal is to organize my thoughts and advice to those just starting out in their careers. As a mom to three young children, a wife to my husband, and full-time teacher to over 700 students each week, I need some organization in my life!

This place is to eventually be a collaboration spot, with the readers sharing their own ideas and commenting (I hope often!) on my posts. Please don't feel that if a post is not current, that you should not share a comment. Because of the nature of student teaching, you could be coming across a particular issue at any time, and something in my archives may help you. Please, comment often and share the love!

Please know that I am far from a Know-It-All, as I tell my students and my own children: I am learning every day! We are so fortunate to live in this very connected world, and it just makes sense for us to utilize every resource we have to gain the knowledge to do the very best job we can in our professional lives. This blog is a communication tool to help us learn together.

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